Friday, 3 July 2015

Alpine Challenge 100km 2014 (Running Wild)

Event Date29th November 2014
LocationMt Bogong (Falls Creek), Victoria, Australia
Relative DifficultyEasy Moderate Hard Extreme
StyleMostly self-sufficient, trail ultra-marathon
TerrainSingle trail and fire track. Some very steep ascents and descents.
Aid StationsReasonably regular (~ every 15km), though fairly basic.
My Position10th of 25
My Time20h29m
Winning Time14h03m
Drop Out Rate40%
Weather on the dayWarm / hot, sunny day. Clear warm night.
Course (Strava)Not Available
Event WebsiteRunning Wild - Alpine Challenge
Enjoyment Rating1 2 3 4 5
Lessons LearntIf you're going to be out running all day, wear a comfortable pair of shoes!
This was an awesome run, with some very rewarding views. You get to run places most people will never see, including summiting Victoria's highest peak, Mt Bogong. The two crossings of Big River were fun. A great place to cool down on a hot day!

Be prepared to be fairly self sufficient; there's not a lot of food at the aid stations, and it's hard for your support crew to get to most of them. So take enough food with you to get through the first 50km (there is an aid station at the start/end of the Mt Bogong loop, where you can get some food).

You can pick up water from some of the river crossings and natural springs along the way, so that isn't as much of a problem.

The event was well organised, with an appropriate level of safety controls. The course isn't marked though, so you need to be able to read a map, or have a GPS.

I think it would be worth getting up and doing some recon runs if you're serious about putting in a fast time, or struggle reading maps!

Some of the course is fairly exposed. In 2014 it was warm to hot all day, which was fine. But if the weather was bad, like in some of the previous years, be prepared. I reckon you could get pretty cold in some sections, especially the during the last 20km, when it starts to get dark, and you start to get tired.

All in all, an awesome run (race), well worth doing. I'm coming back to do the 100 mile course this year.

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